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Blanchette Moving Trucks

Moving Process:

Moving can be stressful. Having a moving company by your side can help ease the stress of the entire process. Our team at Blanchette Moving and Storage will do everything possible to make your move stress free. We proudly serve the Lewiston, Auburn, Falmouth, Augusta, Brunswick, Portland, ME; and surrounding areas.

  1. Contact Blanchette Moving & Storage Co. to set up your free in-home estimate.

    • Our moving consultant will explain the start to finish process. He is responsible for:

      • Advising you and your family on every aspect of your move

      • Explaining the many services and service options available from Blanchette Moving and Storage Co.

      • Performing a survey of everything in your home or business that will be moved

      • Pointing out items that can't be moved or will require special attention

      • Providing an estimate of the costs

      • Determining the best moving date for your schedule

      • Coordinating your professional packing team (if requested)

      • Answering any questions or concerns you may have

  2. After making a decision. Contact Blanchette Moving and Storage to book your move and set up the dates.

  3. If you are self packing your items, (dishes, pictures, lamps, etc) please have all items that need to be boxed up ready to go before the movers arrive

  4. If you ordered to have Blanchette Moving and Storage perform the packing, our professional packers will pack your items before loading your belongings in the truck.

  5. The furniture and misc. items are then securely wrapped with moving pads and placed in the truck.

  6. Any items disassembled will be reassembled at your new home.

  7. Your household goods are then placed where you want them in your new home.